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Photo by futurestreet.


If you’re not a parent or at all grossed out by potty talk, you may just want to skip on to the next post in the blog. I promise not to be offended. If, however, you’re interested in an unconventional way to protect your identity, listen up. When you need to get rid of an old credit card, you most likely cut it into little pieces or shred it before tossing it out. If you’re at all concerned about trash digging and identity theft, there is one more thing you can do to dispose of the card. Save your cut-up card bits for the next time that Junior makes a stinky. Sprinkle the piecesinto the soiled diaper, roll it up and toss it out! The last place an identity thief would want to look for valuable information is inside a child’s diaper — can you blame him?


I must give credit where it’s due. I discovered this idea through one of my bloggie buds, Random Neural Firings. She’s hosting a Zutano baby clothing $75 giveaway that ends on Wednesday, check it out!


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