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…with this new site I found, just today: Dollar Store Crafts. Ok so, yes, some of the crafts involve buying things (on the way-way cheap) from the dollar store, but many of them involve repurposing things you already own! For example:


Make a gadget case using an old tie.


Make a recycled t-shirt necklace (no really, it’s cool, take a look!).


Make a rolled paper wreath (another use for junk mail and old magazines).


Make a credit card bracelet (the ultimate in recession friendly).


Make curtain tiebacks from an old necklace.


And there are many, many more. I’ve already spent too much time looking… go check it out!


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Summer is coming. And with that, comes the all-too-familiar sighs of “Moo-ooom, I’m boooored. What can we do?” I don’t yet have school aged children, but I can remember uttering those words as a child. I was told: “Go read a book!” If (like me) your child shutters at the thought of quietly reading a book, maybe one of these crafts — using repurposed materials, of course — will pique your interests.


Sandwich box monster. This one would work well with an old tissue box too.


Pet rock. Classic, but yet it never fails to amuse children.


strawberry_necklaceStrawberry necklace. And you thought peach pits were useless! Such a neat little craft idea.


Paper beads. Kill two birds with this one: get rid of junk mail flyers and entertain your kids!


Rain sticks. Not that you need more noise in a house filled with the music of children, but at least this project engages their sense of creativity too!

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I’ve written a few articles on repurposing junk mail, but Gretchen at Junk Mail Gems takes it one step further. Like glassrectanglependantthe rest of us, Gretchen was fed up with the mountains of credit card offers and advertising circulars piled in her mail box and home. But instead of getting angry, she got creative and turned junk mail into pretty little treasures, like sparkly magnets, necklaces and handmade paper.


In true repurposeful spirit, Gretchen provides other great ideas on her site for repurposing everyday items, like how to turn a placemat into a diapers & wipes clutch, how to transform an old grill into an herb garden or turning a food canister into ribbon storage. You can follow the Junk Mail Gems blog to stay informed with Gretchen’s latest brilliant ideas.


magnets_jumboAnd guess what? Junk Mail Gems is GIVING AWAY a set of junk mail magnets to one lucky repurposeful reader! Finally, you can get rid of the zillionth Dominos magnet and dress up your fridge or message board with these glamorous and sophisticated little gems.


How to enter: Visit Junk Mail Gems and come back here to leave a comment on this post with your favorite magnet (there are many styles to choose from!).


The deadline for this giveaway is Monday, April 20 at midnight, EST.

~ Good luck! ~

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This little trick for repurposing junk mail envelopes is so cool! (What does that say about my life when I get excited over envelopes? That’s a rhetorical question, folks.)


Ever since posting about making notepads from junk mail envelopes, I’ve been saving a stash of envelopes in my kitchen drawer. And since I haven’t actually taken the time to make more notepads, the stash has over-grown(remember the pitfalls of repurposing?). Yesterday I discovered another use for junk mail envelopes — make-your-own labels and stickers.


Repurpose an envelope flap into labels and stickers

1. Save unused junk mail envelopes (like the return envelopes sent with credit card offers, etc.).


2. When preparing your label or sticker, cut off the flap of an envelope.


3. Cut down the flap to the size you need for your label or sticker.


4. Write on or decorate the non-sticky side of your label.


5. Lick it & stick it!


So far, I thought of a few great uses for the envelope flap labels around my house: 016

  • file folder labels for your my office
  • date leftover food containers in my refrigerator (label will come off when container is washed)
  • re-mail a previously used envelope and use the flap labels to cover up the address and return address areas
  • make-your-own-stickers art project for the kiddies
  • make a “This Book Belongs To:_______” book plate
  • label my son’s sippy cup (great for his morning out/preschool program where the cups are not washed before being sent home)



Thanks to the creator behind Junk Mail Gems for this idea! She has an awesome step-by-step tutorial on her site for creating envelope flap labels.

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One Small Step: Junk mail

I can think of so many reasons why I loathe junk mail–waste of time, waste of paper, just plain WASTE! But since Valentine’s Day is near and everyone is in that lovey dovey, I [heart] everything mode, I’m giving junk mail a second chance. With this idea for repurposing junk mail, you might just change your mind too.

Turning junk mail into notepads 

1. Save junk mail envelopes–both the outer envelopes and the reply envelopes. Once you have a decent sized stack (this should only take about 2 days!), line ’em up, right side up.

2. Fold your stack in half and cut along the crease. 


3. Take one side, line ’em up again, and cut off all edges of the envelope except for one– this will be where you put a staple in your notepad.


 4. Cut up a discarded/recycled food or cereal box for the bottom of your notepad. Slip a few sheets of envelope paper in the fold of the cardboard and put a staple in the top. Voila! Cute little notepads to stash in in your car, near the phone or by your bedside (for all those late-night brilliant ideas).



Take this One Small Step one step further: Did you know that the average person spends about 8 months of their life opening junk mail? There are steps you can take to significantly reduce the amount of junk mail you receive. Check out this great article to get started.

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