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I don’t make this stuff up, people. There are folks out there who are so resourceful that they reuse the pickle juice left when all of the dills are gone. I would have never thought about repurposing pickle juice, but a loyal reader wrote in asking, “I hate to just dump out the leftover, flavorful pickle juice — so now I have four jars worth of pickle juice (sans pickles) in my fridge. Any ideas?” Personally, no — I had no clue! But here are a few ideas that I dug up.



Photo by ayalehs.


Re-pickle. They won’t be exactly the same as before, but you can put fresh or blanched veggies in pickle juice to soak up some of the flavor. Be sure to refrigerate. You can also pickle hard-boiled eggs in the leftover juice.


Liven up homemade bread, potato salad, bbq sauce, hummus and more! Add a dash (or more) of pickle juice to some of your favorite recipes… go ahead, be bold and experiment! You might just like it better than the original.


Marinade or salad dressing. Add pickle juice to a marinade recipe or use it on its own — same goes for salad dressing. Although I think you might want to add a little oil to it for salad dressing. Just a thought.


Chime in! Have you reused leftover pickle juice? Leave a comment and let us know how!


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