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One Small Step

One Small Step is one simple idea (delivered to you on Fridays here at repurposeful) that can make a big impact on your family, your budget or the environment (or all three!).  

About six months ago, I realized that our family was using an obscene amount of paper towels on a daily basis. Between wiping counters and wiping mouths (two kids under 3), we were going through a roll every couple of days. Ugh! Expensive and bad for the earth. At the same time in our house, I had a stack of receiving blankets no longer being used by growing Baby G. Aha!

This week’s One Small Step is an idea for repurposing infants’ receiving blankets into wash-up cloths, which will cut down on your paper towel use, save you money and reduce waste.

Receiving blankets into wash-up cloths

Receiving blankets (cut up into small squares) make perfect clean-up cloths, especially for messy little hands and faces. Because they’re made out of flannel, they’re gentle on tender skin and they don’t fray as much when they’re washed. Here are instructions to make your own:

  1. Fold a receiving blanket lengthwise into thirds.0422
  2. Cut across the fold three times, creating 4 squares (don’t worry about perfection here). If you own pinking shears, use them to cut the cloth–it cuts down on fraying.
  3. Cut each square at the folds. You will now have 12 individual cloths.
  4. Fold ’em, stack ’em and stash ’em in an easy-to-grab spot in your kitchen.
  5. The next time your little one eats PB&J, grab a cloth, wet it and wipe up the stickiness!
  6. When you’re done with a cloth (you can rinse inbetween uses), toss it into any load of laundry.


Take this One Small Step one step further: Cut up old and tattered towels into cloth towels for wiping up counters and table tops.

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