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Have you ever been left with gooey residue from a sticker on piece of clothing? Often this happens on clothes that are tagged in the store with the long vertical sticker strips. In my case, I washed and dried my son’s shirt that (unbeknownst to me) had two “great job” stickers on it. What I was left with was very stuck on sticker mess. I tried rewashing it to see if it would come off. Nope. I put the shirt up on a shelf in our laundry room with the intention to get back to it. Somehow it ended up getting washed — and dried — yet another time. Stickers were still there.


Then, in a  moment of inspiration, I came up with the idea (all by myself, thank you) to use tape to remove the sticker residue. It worked like a charm! I took a small square of sticky packing tape (the average Scotch tape is probably too weak) and went over the sticky areas several times. Little by little the tape removed all of the residue. Nice! Saved a piece of clothing with very little effort.

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So, this little tip isn’t exactly repurposing (you’ll need to use brand new tape, but most people keep this on hand, so you probably won’t need to go out and buy it), but it’s an excellent alternative use for clear packing tape.


Do your children play with toys that are entirely too loud? Or, perhaps if you are a grandparent/aunt/babysitter, maybe kids bring over toys that make you ears bleed. Either way, clear packing tape provides a perfect solution. Cut a piece of clear packing tape and apply it to the speaker portion of any toy. Voilà! Instant peace.


Here’s to having a nice and quiet weekend with the kids!

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