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Halloween and the thrift store

If you’ve never stepped foot in a thrift store, now’s the time of year to do so. Why? Because Halloween costumes, decorations and accessories abound. Why pay for a brand new costume off the rack (either for yourself or your kids) when you can get a majorly discounted costume at a thrift store? I just stopped into my local shop today and there were several racks stuffed full of Halloween costumes.


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And if you can’t find the pre-made costume you’re looking for, a thrift store is also a great place to find the various pieces to make your own costume. For example, I found a red and gold Christmas table runner in the thrift store today ($4), which is going to make the perfect royal robe for my son’s king costume — his idea, not mine. I plan on going back (without children in tow — thrift store shopping is NOT fun with two kids under 3) to search for a gold belt, material for a white fur collar, a crown and something that would make a good tunic.


I encourage you to make this Halloween repurposeful! Sift through your own closets first and then hit the thrift stores!


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Today’s One Small Step is a small reminder to sign up in support of National Thrift Store Month, an idea proposed by the brilliant Thrifty Chicks. Helping their dream become a reality will bring national attention to the value of shopping at thrift stores. Why should you care? Because thrifting saves landfill space. Because thrifting helps people find valuable necessities at affordable prices. And because thrift store shopping is fun!




All you have to do is hop on Facebook and add your name to the list of supporters. Simple really. Costs you nothing but a couple minutes of time. And if you’re not on Facebook, well then… seriously? You’re not on Facebook? Now is a good time to join (see worthy cause above).


Take this One Small Step one step further: Tell others about this worthy cause! Blog about it, e-mail your friends, Tweet it, invite your Facebook friends, Stumble it… get the word out!

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The fantastic women over at The Thrifty Chicks are hard at work trying to give thrift store shopping the attention it slide1deserves by creating a National Thrift Store Month. Since thrifting is the ultimate in repurposing, repurposeful strongly supports this endeavor… won’t you? To learn more, visit The Thrifty Chicks. Or, simply click on over to their Facebook petition and sign your name. Let’s make it happen!

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What’s better than a GIVEAWAY?

Why, a Thrift-ya-away, of course! The clever and repurposeful women over at The Thrifty Chicks have been hosting a week’s worth of giveaways of beautiful thrifted finds. Since thrift store shopping is the ultimate in repurposing, I thought I’d give this site a “good-for you!” shout out. My favorites items are the brand-new-in-package Hallmark card sorter + cards and the cool Anthropologie bracelet (retail $98, bought thrifted for $3.99!). You still have time to enter to win, so go there now

Thrift-ya-away from The Thrifty Chicks.

Thrift-ya-away from The Thrifty Chicks.



P.S. – More to come at repurposeful on the whys and the hows of repurposing through thrift store shopping.

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