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On Blogging Hiatus

If you were once a regular reader, you may have noticed my lack of posts since, oh, October! Unfortunately, life took over my time for blogging. I plan to pick this back up when time allows, but for now, please enjoy the archives (there are many!) and keep on repurposing!

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Today’s tip is a simple repurposing tip, but it comes in very handy in our house!


We have lots of high-up cabinets in our kitchen wherein we store things that are used only once-in-a-while. And when it comes to having to retrieve one of those items, I get so annoyed at the thought of having to drag over a chair — or worse — a step ladder to reach what I need. No need to tell me I’m lazy — I’m aware, thanks. Most of the time, I can simply use a pair of kitchen tongs to get down an item from a high shelf without climbing to get it.


Kitchen tongs also work well to fish out cars, balls and other small toys from underneath the stove and the couch.


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A few funnies for your Thursday

The following are phrases that people have entered into search engines to end up at repurposeful.


too many nacho chips (is there such a thing?)


how to make a packing tape animals (huh? anyone have any clues on this one?)


 cardboard kids (in case you get tired of your real kids)


dryer sheets wasps (is this a new insect species?)


when is it time to go to the doctor for (for…? for what? Don’t leave me hanging!)


child in a cardbord box (and the problem is…?)


best kids water sprinkler simple fun (what happens to the “worst” kids?)

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Need a quick hem?

I think most of us, at one time or another have had an issue with pants being just a smidge (or a lot) too long and do not have the time or immediate resources to get them hemmed. Here are some of the things I’ve used for a quick hem:


In a pinch pants hem


Staples. Use only as few as you can get away with. And be sure to staple your hem so that the back side of the staple is what appears on the front side of your pants. If the silver staples stick out like a sore thumb, you could take it one step further and very carefully color it with a Sharpie.


Bobby pins. About 4 per pant leg should do the trick.


Snap barrettes. You know, the metal kind that pop open and close? Even better if they’re in a neutral color like black, bronze or brown. Of course, you could make a fashion statement with your daughter’s sparkly purple and pink ones.


What have you used to hem too-long pants when needle & thread aren’t an option?

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